Cheat Days

Happy Saturday everyone! I love Saturdays because I get to just chill with my family. Last night I went and saw a local band (Chikano) at one of our few local bars (my drink of choice? Water). It was way fun even though it was really loud (will my ears ever stop ringing??!!) and I […]

Gettin Down on Friday

Hey everyone, “It’s Friday Friday…” Okay enough of that. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday, I know I am. Even though it has been simple and quiet, sometimes those are the best days. Today I slept in because I stayed up late, got my bum out of bed and ate a breakfast that […]

Biggest Loser

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday! Today I slept in and then dragged my tired booty to the gym. I weighed in an ounce less than yesterday then proceeded to work it out. I did the treadmill for 30 minutes going between 3-4.5 speed and 2-12 incline then walked around the track to […]

Happy Hump day!

TGIW! Now Friday may be my favorite day of the week but Wednesday also rocks. Why? Because its the middle of the week, holla! I haven’t been updating this blog because life has been crazy as far as my class and friends go. I’m gonna be better about it in the future though. Today’s breakfast […]

A Starbucks Kind of Day

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! I had a paper due this morning so I had to head over to the college earlier than usual to print it out and make sure it was formatted right. I got done early and decided to head over to Starbucks before class. Now, I had been a bad girl […]

Hey Everyone!

Hello! My name is Katelyn but you can call me Kate. I having been reading some healthy blogs for a while now and decided that I want in on the action. I have slowly been changing my lifestyle in the past few months. I had a huge wake up call when I weighed myself because […]