A Starbucks Kind of Day

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!

I had a paper due this morning so I had to head over to the college earlier than usual to print it out and make sure it was formatted right. I got done early and decided to head over to Starbucks before class. Now, I had been a bad girl and didn’t eat breakfast so I grabbed an unsweetened passion iced tea (my favorite!) and a perfect oatmeal. Image


With the oatmeal I added the 100 calorie pack of nuts that it comes with and about a third of the brown sugar it came with as well. I ate as much as I could before heading to class, favorite drink in hand.

After class I was in a salad bar mood so I headed over to Harmons on my way home. I ended up getting lettuce, spinach, broccoli, peas,  carrots, beets, a tiny bit of sunflower seeds and some strawberries for a grand total of 2 dollars. Not too shabby. What really helped price-wise and health-wise was that I used my own yogurt based dressing when I got home. I also added a slice of Ezekiel bread topped with some homemade hummus and watermelon cubes to the mix and had a very filling meal.


Delicious! Anyways I am now off to go see a show at my college called Boeing Boeing. Can’t wait 🙂





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