Happy Hump day!

TGIW! Now Friday may be my favorite day of the week but Wednesday also rocks. Why? Because its the middle of the week, holla!

I haven’t been updating this blog because life has been crazy as far as my class and friends go. I’m gonna be better about it in the future though. Today’s breakfast consisted of a delicious blend of beans, kale and corn. It was delicious and kept me going through the day.

I ate a late lunch today of cheese and spinach deLite pizza fromPapa Murphy’s, which was so delicious I devoured 3 pieces of it and haven’t been hungry since.


Check out this slice of deliciousness!

After eating so much pizza I felt lazy and watched a few episodes of Sister Wives. Anyone watch that show? It kind of hits home for me living where I do. After a couple of episodes I decided enough was enough and I got ready and headed to the gym. There I did my own treadmill work out which goes as follows:

Katelyn’s treadmill work out for beginners:

Minutes 0-1- 2.5 speed
Minutes 1-3- 3.0 speed
Minutes 3-5- 3.5 speed
Minutes 5-8- 3.3 speed with 5 incline
Minutes 8-10 3.7 speed with 5 incline
Minutes 10-12 4 speed with 5 incline
Minutes 12-15 3.7 speed with 7 incline
Minutes 15-17 4.0 speed with 7 incline
Minutes 17-20 3.5 speed with 7 incline
Cool down for ten minutes (Most of it was spent between 3.5 and 4.0).

My plan probably shows you just how out of shape I really am. After 30 minutes on the treadmill I walked around he track a couple of times then hopped on a spinning bike for about 15 minutes. Slow and steady wins the race and I can’t wait til I can say I’m in shape!

I still wasn’t very hungry when I got home so I fixed myself some watermelon which really helped cool me down. My belief is that fruits are in season when our bodies need them and my body really needed cold and watery watermelon. Yum!

Now to go finish last nights episode of Teen Mom-what can I say? I’m a reality show junkie.

Hope you all have a fabulous evening!


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