The Blame Game

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did.

During the school year I always hated Mondays but now that it’s Summer, there is no longer a need to be hateful. I got a nice long sleep in and woke up refreshed and ready to go work out. At the gym I pushed myself to actually run this time. Sure, I could only do it in short increments but it left me sore and satisfied. After about an hour I headed home with a craving that only some mac and cheese could cure. While I know that mac and cheese is not a healthy lunch, I had it anyways. I made some whole wheat macaroni and cheese with no butter, unsweetened almond milk plus and green beans. The good thing about mac and cheese is that it is very filling and my one cup serving left me full and satisfied.

My lunch in all its deliciousness.

The Blame Game

I’m sure this is a common thing, but do any of you know people who have to blame bad things on somebody? I know this is a common occurrence and we all do this sometimes but I also believe that this is something we should recognize. You see I use my parents car right now and while I was at the gym, the window went down by itself. This has happened before and the problem is that it never goes back up. When my dad was informed of this, he immediately had to blame it on both my brother and myself. Now my dad is an awesome person, he is generally kind and loving but things like this definitely set him off. I don’t blame him for being upset but this window problem wasn’t anybody’s fault and being mad at somebody doesn’t make anything any better, it doesn’t fix the window and it causes unnecessary tension.

I am definitely not perfect when it comes to the blame game and I honestly don’t think anybody is. But we can be aware of it and try to fix it. When we blame somebody, whether or not it is their fault, they will get defensive. When it isn’t their fault and we are just trying to blame somebody for the crappy day we’re having we are hurting our relationship with that person, causing more stress in ourselves and honestly, it doesn’t make anything better. Too much stress isn’t good for us and it is good for us to recognize when we are too stressed and try to fix it. Understanding that sometimes things just happen that aren’t anybody’s fault and nobody is trying to intentionally hurt you can be the first step to stress relief. Taking a deep breath is also a good step.

Stress Relief:

Reading a book
A nice hot shower/bath
A nice long walk/jog/run
Listening to soft music

Preventing too much stress can sometimes be as easy as getting enough sleep, exercise and eating healthy and whole foods-also a little “me” time helps.

I hope you all have a great night!


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