Acai Love

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I got up earlier this morning so I could head to the gym and get my work out on. Unfortunately my body was not on the same page and did not want to go much further than a couple miles (walking). I did run a bit throughout but probably only about a half mile. Oh well. After the gym I headed to the parking lot to pick up a box of fresh, local vegetables that my mom ordered through Jumbo Joe’s Baskets. I love that its local and in season produce. Yum!

So many possibilities! I’m planning on making a tofu salad wrap for dinner tonight. If it turns out well, the recipe will definitely make an appearance on here.

After Jumbo Joe’s I ran some errands and I got hungry. I decided to stop at a new place called Truberry that serves acai bowls. I had never been there before but I heard good reviews. I got a small bowl (12 oz) topped with banana and just a little bit of flax seed granola (I requested for them to only give me about a tbsp). It was delicious and filling-the guy even assured me it was all dairy-free which made me feel good about it. This will not be an everyday thing but sometimes a girl needs a frozen treat for lunch, especially when it is 112 degrees out.

Now I’m going to get to some reading and cleaning before I head off to work. I hope everyone has a fabulous evening, after all it is Friday!


2 thoughts on “Acai Love

  1. The Acai Bowl you had sounds so yummy and thats excellent you guys have the opertunity of getting fresh local produce like that 🙂 Sounds all yummy and healthy 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂

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