My Boyfriend

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Saturday.

Due to car troubles  I wasn’t able to make it to the gym this morning so I played Just Dance  this morning and am planning on busting out the old Zumba Fitness game before I head out tonight. I’ve eaten healthy whole foods today (including lots of vegetables from yesterdays post) and I feel good and energized.

More About Myself

I got a request yesterday to show more pictures of my boyfriend and I together and more about our relationship. Keep in mind that I have zero serious/professional pictures of myself with my boyfriend.

This is my boyfriend John, we have been together for over 2 years. He lives almost 2 hours away from me now because of his job so we see each other about every few weeks. He works for a river rafting company and loves going on river trips with them.

We met at the college and became good friends before dating each other. His family had a problem with us dating for a while but I think they have finally learned to accept me-especially once they got to know me.

–This is us at karaoke a few months ago.

We both like reading and often trade off books when we see each other. Some of our favorites include the Harry Potter (all of them, the Hunger Games Series and the Divergent series-right now we are reading the Mortal Instruments. We have similar food ideals-even though he swears he is addicted to Nutella we both like eating whole foods that are fresh and in season while trying to avoid animal proteins. We are best friends and I don’t see that changing anytime soon (he just agreed with me series on that, yay).

I hope you all have a great Saturday, I am off to go see The Bug at the college I attend (its a play).


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