Just Keep Running

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday (I know I am).

This morning I had my alarm set for 5:30 so I could go for a walk/jog/run. I did the same thing yesterday and I don’t think I stretched enough after because my legs, hips and even shoulders are all killing me. You should see me trying to get down the stairs, it’s pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. I ended up walking way too much but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I was out for about an hour and got over 3.5 miles in so that was a nice workout no matter how much walking I ended up doing.

Before my run I ate a breakfast consisting of half an apple and a carrot because I’ve learned the hard way that when I get up early and walk/jog/run I can’t stomach much more than a little fresh produce. Running tends to take away my appetite for a while so when I started getting hungry at around 12 I wanted something frozen and delicious. Since I had to go to the store anyways I picked up a peanut butter acai bowl from Truberry. It was delicious and really hit the spot.

I also prepared myself some peanut butter and banana deliciousness and spread it on crackers at around three. I took a tbsp of peanut butter, about a fourth of a banana and mixed them together and then put them on two whole grain crackers. It was so good! I also put 2 small squares of 85% organic chocolate on the plate for good measure-and dipped the chocolate into the peanut butter&banana goodness.

I love extra dark chocolate, especially with peanut butter. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate but when I crave it I let myself have some because I always seem to have dark chocolate on hand-either I make it myself  or I buy a fair-trade organic super dark chocolate bar.

Anyways I’d better get to stretching my poor muscles while watching Pretty Little Liars (anyone else addicted to that show?). I hope you have a wonderful evening!


How dark do you like your chocolate?

If you work out early do you eat breakfast before or after?



2 thoughts on “Just Keep Running

  1. I always love me some chocolate, ESPECIALLY the dark kind. I’ve actually grown to enjoy baker’s chocolate. Haha — I know, I’m crazy. But I do enjoy it sometimes. Extra dark is my favorite though. 😉

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