Harry Potter Marathon

Hey everyone!

I have taken a few days break because I was on vacation until Tuesday and yesterday I had a Harry Potter marathon (movies 3-6) with one of my coolest friends. Here is a summary of the marathon:

Sugar free pumpkin crepes for breakfast while watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

My first butterbeer. It was delicious!

We made cauldron cakes.

Pumpkin pasties, licorice wands, Every Flavor Beans and cauldron cakes. We ate less than a fourth of what is pictured here. So many sweets!

Us pretending to be Dudley after he got attacked by the dementors.

Another attempt.

Quidditch players pie that you can make with mashed potatoes, onion soup mix, cheese, ground beef or substitute (like morning star farms or even a homemade sub) and lots of veggies. It was delicious.

We had a long and fun day making delicious treats and watching Harry Potter. She probably got sick of me talking about Snape so much but I can’t help it, he is my current Harry Potter crush (his voice and his undying love for Lily, I mean come on!).

Today I am finally back to my normal healthy eating and working out routine. I’m eating a vegetable sandwich at the moment that includes many random veggies and topped with hummus. Eating healthy makes me feel great!

I hope you all have a great Thursday!


Do you ever have fun TV show or movie marathons with your friends? Do you go all out?

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, who is your favorite character? My favorite characters tend to die. SPOILER ALERT!!! Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Tonks and Fred Weasley have all been favorite characters of mine in the past and they have all died. Even after the 6th book, I new that Snape was a good man and that not everything was as it had seemed.



Greeting from Work

Hello everyone, it has been a while (okay, a couple days). I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday!

Today I am blogging from work because it is allowed when we are slow. This does mean no pictures though. I didn’t end up going to the gym today because I woke up late and needed to get some errands done before hanging out with my friend.

I have been hanging out with one of my best friends all day today. We got delicious frozen yogurt from Krave (I got watermelon and banana, yum!), played Harry Potter Scene It (I won…barely) and watched most of the first Harry Potter (we literally got to the last ten minutes and I had to head off to work, bummer). We decided we’re going to have a Harry Potter marathon soon and make butterbeer, pumpkin pasties and other fun Harry Potter treats. Can’t wait!

I hope you all have an awesome evening!

What do you like to do with your friends when you hang out? My friends and I do a lot of random things and it always depends on who is with us. Some common things are singing karaoke, going to a frozen yogurt watching Modern Family or going camping.




Fast Food

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday! I know I am, I just watched Pretty Little Liars and I just have to say INTENSE! 🙂

Today was a change because I went to the gym later than normal, around 3 PM and my body responded a lot better than usual and I was able to last longer. Maybe my body likes being fully awake before I push it to exercise, who knows?

For dinner tonight I was thinking fast food. Now I know fast food isn’t healthy but hear me out. My version of fast food is different than what most people think. It used to be go to Mcdonald’s and get 10 McNuggets,  a large fries and a diet coke (haha) but not anymore. Now my version of fast food is something easy like a sandwich or an Amy’s meal. Today I chose the latter, picking a burrito and eating it with tons of ketchup. Yum! Normally I would just make my own burritos but I didn’t have the tortillas and I didn’t feel like using anything in my kitchen that wasn’t a microwave so Amy’s it was.

My burrito, with my cute little dog staring at me.

Funny Story

I went on to Amazon to purchase The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions (recommended to me by my cousin Jessyca when I started showing an interest in being vegan) and I could not find my debit card. Needless to say I freaked out, guessed I had left it at Subway the other and drove there (now a normal person would call them but I got frustrated trying to find their number. We have at least 10 Subways here). Then I found my card…In my pocket…Silly Katelyn. Since the Subway is hooked to our Walmart I did a little shopping and picked up a water bottle (my boyfriend gave me money just so I could get one because he was tired of me using disposable plastic).


Do you have a favorite cook book? I always tend to get my recipes online but I knew it was time to have a hard copy.

Do you do better working out in the morning right when you wake up or do you prefer to wait until later?

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


My Boyfriend

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Saturday.

Due to car troubles  I wasn’t able to make it to the gym this morning so I played Just Dance  this morning and am planning on busting out the old Zumba Fitness game before I head out tonight. I’ve eaten healthy whole foods today (including lots of vegetables from yesterdays post) and I feel good and energized.

More About Myself

I got a request yesterday to show more pictures of my boyfriend and I together and more about our relationship. Keep in mind that I have zero serious/professional pictures of myself with my boyfriend.

This is my boyfriend John, we have been together for over 2 years. He lives almost 2 hours away from me now because of his job so we see each other about every few weeks. He works for a river rafting company and loves going on river trips with them.

We met at the college and became good friends before dating each other. His family had a problem with us dating for a while but I think they have finally learned to accept me-especially once they got to know me.

–This is us at karaoke a few months ago.

We both like reading and often trade off books when we see each other. Some of our favorites include the Harry Potter (all of them, the Hunger Games Series and the Divergent series-right now we are reading the Mortal Instruments. We have similar food ideals-even though he swears he is addicted to Nutella we both like eating whole foods that are fresh and in season while trying to avoid animal proteins. We are best friends and I don’t see that changing anytime soon (he just agreed with me series on that, yay).

I hope you all have a great Saturday, I am off to go see The Bug at the college I attend (its a play).

Acai Love

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I got up earlier this morning so I could head to the gym and get my work out on. Unfortunately my body was not on the same page and did not want to go much further than a couple miles (walking). I did run a bit throughout but probably only about a half mile. Oh well. After the gym I headed to the parking lot to pick up a box of fresh, local vegetables that my mom ordered through Jumbo Joe’s Baskets. I love that its local and in season produce. Yum!

So many possibilities! I’m planning on making a tofu salad wrap for dinner tonight. If it turns out well, the recipe will definitely make an appearance on here.

After Jumbo Joe’s I ran some errands and I got hungry. I decided to stop at a new place called Truberry that serves acai bowls. I had never been there before but I heard good reviews. I got a small bowl (12 oz) topped with banana and just a little bit of flax seed granola (I requested for them to only give me about a tbsp). It was delicious and filling-the guy even assured me it was all dairy-free which made me feel good about it. This will not be an everyday thing but sometimes a girl needs a frozen treat for lunch, especially when it is 112 degrees out.

Now I’m going to get to some reading and cleaning before I head off to work. I hope everyone has a fabulous evening, after all it is Friday!

Lesson Learned

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous (and safe) 4th of July. I know I did. We had a beautiful 20 minute display of fireworks last night (despite the numerous fires we have had lately) and we could see them perfectly from our window.

I stayed up late last night talking to my boyfriend who lives about 2 hours away from myself at the moment for his job. I felt like a teenager again talking to him til almost 3 in the morning and not even realizing how late it was. Needless to say, I slept in.

My cute boyfriend that I miss so much.

When I got up I fixed myself a bowl of Kashi cinnamon cereal and got my bum to the gym. I felt like quitting after about 20 minutes so I had to rethink my work out so I could last another 40 minutes. I mixed it up quite a lot spending 20 minutes on the treadmill at a nice high incline, 20 minutes running/walking/jogging on the track, 5 minutes stretching and meditating, 5 minutes working on my leg muscles and another 15 on the stationary bike. All in all it was a good work out, even if my ADD was kicking in quite a lot.

When I got home I was in no mood for solid foods, even though I was hungry. It is very hot outside so a smoothie sounded perfect. I mixed together a banana, 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein shake mix, unsweetened almond milk and chia seeds for a delicious cold smoothie that has kept me full since.

A smoothie so delicious that even my cat was interested.

My Health Goals
To not drink soda-regular or diet (Stevia is okay on occasion)
To stop eating so much dairy and continue to eat less and less of it
To eat a diet full of plant foods
To keep working out everyday

I did not eat well yesterday or the night before and it has really caught up to me. Yesterday I had no energy and I just didn’t feel well. I think that is because I had eaten too much processed fat and dairy and my body didn’t know what to do with it. I’m going to take this as a learning experience and be much more conscious of my food choices and see how I feel.

I hope you all have a great rest of the day!

Happy Almost the 4th!

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday, I know I am.

Today I woke up but couldn’t go to the gym because I had no car. Bummer. Instead of working out at home like I should have done I was lazy and lounged around the house watching old movies like Cheaper by the Dozen (the original) and 42nd Street. I ate light today because I knew I wasn’t going to get much of a workout and decided to make a very light crust barbeque cheese pizza ( I will be making a recipe page this weekend) and ate 2 slices for lunch and another slice for a snack.

I went shopping of the holiday tomorrow and stocked up on some good kind treats such as veggie corn dogs  and coconut milk chocolate ice cream. While I might not use the label vegetarian I haven’t eaten meat in weeks and I feel great. While at Walmart I picked up my dinner for the night as well-a 6 inch veggie delight Subway sandwich. Needless to say I ate it up fast and was left full and satisfied.

So very good!

Anyways, I am off to enjoy a movie. I rented Little Women (1949) and am excited to watch it and stuff my face with popcorn (just kidding about the stuffing my face part).

Have a great evening!


The Blame Game

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did.

During the school year I always hated Mondays but now that it’s Summer, there is no longer a need to be hateful. I got a nice long sleep in and woke up refreshed and ready to go work out. At the gym I pushed myself to actually run this time. Sure, I could only do it in short increments but it left me sore and satisfied. After about an hour I headed home with a craving that only some mac and cheese could cure. While I know that mac and cheese is not a healthy lunch, I had it anyways. I made some whole wheat macaroni and cheese with no butter, unsweetened almond milk plus and green beans. The good thing about mac and cheese is that it is very filling and my one cup serving left me full and satisfied.

My lunch in all its deliciousness.

The Blame Game

I’m sure this is a common thing, but do any of you know people who have to blame bad things on somebody? I know this is a common occurrence and we all do this sometimes but I also believe that this is something we should recognize. You see I use my parents car right now and while I was at the gym, the window went down by itself. This has happened before and the problem is that it never goes back up. When my dad was informed of this, he immediately had to blame it on both my brother and myself. Now my dad is an awesome person, he is generally kind and loving but things like this definitely set him off. I don’t blame him for being upset but this window problem wasn’t anybody’s fault and being mad at somebody doesn’t make anything any better, it doesn’t fix the window and it causes unnecessary tension.

I am definitely not perfect when it comes to the blame game and I honestly don’t think anybody is. But we can be aware of it and try to fix it. When we blame somebody, whether or not it is their fault, they will get defensive. When it isn’t their fault and we are just trying to blame somebody for the crappy day we’re having we are hurting our relationship with that person, causing more stress in ourselves and honestly, it doesn’t make anything better. Too much stress isn’t good for us and it is good for us to recognize when we are too stressed and try to fix it. Understanding that sometimes things just happen that aren’t anybody’s fault and nobody is trying to intentionally hurt you can be the first step to stress relief. Taking a deep breath is also a good step.

Stress Relief:

Reading a book
A nice hot shower/bath
A nice long walk/jog/run
Listening to soft music

Preventing too much stress can sometimes be as easy as getting enough sleep, exercise and eating healthy and whole foods-also a little “me” time helps.

I hope you all have a great night!

Cheat Days

Happy Saturday everyone!

I love Saturdays because I get to just chill with my family. Last night I went and saw a local band (Chikano) at one of our few local bars (my drink of choice? Water). It was way fun even though it was really loud (will my ears ever stop ringing??!!) and I didn’t feel like dancing. Water was my drink of choice and it was nice to just listen to some of our local talent.

Today my family and I went shopping and had to grab a treat at the Sweet Tooth Fairy. I haven’t eaten mine yet but it still looks delicious (I plan on splitting it with my mother).

Also I grabbed lunch at a local Mexican restaurant while we were out. I got a bean and cheese burrito with beans, rice and a churro because it was their special. I didn’t eat the rice and I only had one bite of the churro. This my friends, is what I call a “cheat day.”

My View on Cheat Days:

I don’t really like the term cheat days but prefer to think of them as well, part of the process. Today is Saturday and it is the one day this week where I have lifted some of my clean eating rules. Does this mean that I will eat a whole cheese pizza in one sitting? No. But a little Mexican food and a cupcake? Heck yes!

When I wasn’t eating for health like I am now, I was constantly dieting. I would deprive myself not only of junk foods but foods that were good for me too, all in the name of calories. I don’t do that anymore though and if I want a cupcake once a week, I will go for it. I now realize that I won’t ruin my diet just because I ate a cupcake or a slice of pizza or whatever. Its about moderation, nutrition and about life. I don’t want to live my life with absolutely no treats. That would just be boring and I am anything but boring (most of the time).

Now its time for me to read a little more Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and enjoy the rest of my Saturday.

Hope you all have a fabulous evening!

Gettin Down on Friday

Hey everyone,

“It’s Friday Friday…” Okay enough of that. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday, I know I am. Even though it has been simple and quiet, sometimes those are the best days. Today I slept in because I stayed up late, got my bum out of bed and ate a breakfast that consisted of watermelon and a slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread. It was delicious.

I really worked it at the gym and after 20 minutes on the treadmill with an incline going 5-15 the whole time, I decided to start trying to run. My brother was helping me because he used to have trouble with running too. I’m better at going fast for short distances but I’m sure that is something I can work on. One problem I also have happens to be my shoes. All I have are converse and those are not good to work out in. Who knew? Guess I’ll be taking a trip to the mall when I get payed next. The good part of the gym is I weighed in at 2 pounds less than the other day. Score!

After that butt-kicking work out at the gym I headed home and had some lunch.

That is a spicy black bean patty with steamed kale and spinach and 1/4 cup of vegetarian baked beans. So good!

Weight Loss Rewards:

I don’t know about anyone else but for me, rewards work. Losing even one pound is huge because that is a pound that you will never get back. Now when I weighed in today I was a pound under my first goal weight and every 5 pounds I lose I get something. I have a list on excel that keeps track of it. Most things are just little things like a new book or cute lip gloss, things like that. It is something that works for me and it gives me something to look forwards to every time I lose 5 lbs.

I hope you all have a fabulous day!