Cleansing and School

Happy Tuesday everyone!

School starts next week and I feel in no way prepared. I’ve had my schedule done since April but I have yet to purchase my books and I have no idea if my financial aid is going through. Oh college problems, welcome back. I am actually excited for school and have an awesome (and potentially very hard) schedule for the fall.

Fall 2012:

Research Methods in Psychology
Capstone Research in Psychology
Statistical Methods in Psychology (and lab)
Profiling Deviant Behavior
DECA (marketing)

Can you guess what my major is? ๐Ÿ™‚ I was supposed to graduate this fall but there are two classes that I needed to take and they are taught at the same time so I have to graduate in the spring. Bummer.


Last week I won a Kaeng Raengย  3 Day vegan detox cleanse from Healthy B**** Daily and I received it yesterday, just in time for school. I decided to start today since school starts next week and I don’t want to be doing my first cleanse during school. I don’t believe in starvation diets or “master cleanses” and I want to make that clear. This is different though, it’s made from fruit and other plant foods and has protein and fiber unlike many other cleanses.

It is past 5 where I live and I am completely satisfied hunger-wise so I’m happy about that. The cleanse is three drinks a day plus all the raw fruits and veggies you want. I have had one and a half drinks plus some broccoli so far. Yum!

Anyways-this was not meant to be like an infomercial, just showing you guys what I have been up to. I am off to watch the new Pretty Little Liars-anyone else watch that show? It’s getting crazy!


Have you ever did a cleanse? What was your experience with it? I tried a master cleanse at the tender age of 14 and it made me very sick.


Are you going to school this fall? College? Are you ready?
I am


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