After a few months of soul searching I’m back. I’ve tried to post on here several times but nothing felt right. I’ve come to accept a few things in the past couple of months that have changed my life: 1. I now care a lot more about how I feel than how much weight I […]

Busy Semester

Hello everyone! I am blogging via school computer because my laptop has been having issues with blogging. Weird. Anyways, right now I am taking a break from my statistics homework because I procrastinate now, not later. Busy Semester: This is going to be a busy semester for me because I am taking some of the […]

I’m Back!

I hope you are all doing well! I have had trouble getting my blog to come up on my laptop for the past week or so but it seems to be working now *fingers crossed.* I’ve just been doing my thing. I’m still vegan and am having a blast figuring out new ways to eat […]

Cleansing and School

Happy Tuesday everyone! School starts next week and I feel in no way prepared. I’ve had my schedule done since April but I have yet to purchase my books and I have no idea if my financial aid is going through. Oh college problems, welcome back. I am actually excited for school and have an […]


Hello everyone! I tried to post yesterday but I think there was something wrong with my internet because it would not let me post it. Anyways, here is what I ate yesterday (I have gone from vegetarian to full vegan this week, yay): Strawberry Fields cereal with almond milk (and a side of facebook) Giant […]

What Do You Eat?

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend-I know that I did. I went to California for the weekend with my dad-about 8 hours away from where I live. We left early Friday morning (my father and I) and came back yesterday. I wish we could have stayed longer but it was […]

Highlights From the Past Few Days

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I know that I am. What I’ve been up to this weekend: I went to see a play at Tuacahn called the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee with my friend Amy and her mom. It was hilarious and so much fun to watch! I was […]

There’s a New Vegetarian in Town

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday! I’m taking the plunge and becoming a vegetarian (mostly vegan). I went shopping and got some vegan staples like several types of beans, fruits, vegetables and some whole grains. I have spent some time experimenting in the kitchen and I can’t wait to share […]

Just Keep Running

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday (I know I am). This morning I had my alarm set for 5:30 so I could go for a walk/jog/run. I did the same thing yesterday and I don’t think I stretched enough after because my legs, hips and even shoulders are all killing […]

How I Keep Myself Accountable

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today has been a great day, I got up and did a small workout in the privacy of my own home because the car I’ve been using has been overheating recently and I worry about it. I ate nice and healthy today and I feel great (lots of veggies, a […]