Busy Semester

Hello everyone!

I am blogging via school computer because my laptop has been having issues with blogging. Weird. Anyways, right now I am taking a break from my statistics homework because I procrastinate now, not later.

Busy Semester:

This is going to be a busy semester for me because I am taking some of the hardest classes for psychology majors-statistics, research and capstone (senior project, ahhhhhhh)-along with a few other fun classes.

For my senior project I am designing a class based on child development for the parents of toddlers. This will teach them what their child is capable and not as capable of at that early age. I don’t plan on actually teaching the class, that is just my project along with a 25 page literature review. Should be interesting.

Eating Healthy in College:

Bringing food is a must for me. I cannot think of a single food item that is vegan in our cafeteria unless you count the salad bar (and even then everything is cross-contaminated). I always pack for how long I have to stay here, especially because I work on campus. Today I am on campus from 8-5 so I brought a lunch (half a pb&j sandwich on sprouted wheat bread, a clementine and carrots) and a couple of snacks (homemade kale chips and apple slices). I don’t want to be tempted to eat junk food nor do I want to go hungry.


What do you bring to school as far as food goes? Do you eat in the cafeteria?



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